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Drive System

Oct 31, 2015

Hydraulic drive system of the main pump direct drive and two type pump - accumulator drivers.Pump direct drive This kind of drive system of the pump to provide hydraulic cylinder high pressure working fluid, distribution valve is used to change the direction of feed liquid, the overflow valve is used to adjust the limit pressure of system, security overflow effect at the same time.This drive system link less, simple structure, can automatically according to the work required force increase and decrease the pressure, reduce the power consumption, but must be the biggest work force and maximum working speed hydraulic press to determine the capacity of the pump and drive motor.This type of drive system for small and medium-sized hydraulic press, useful also pump direct drive large (such as 120 million cows) free forging hydraulic press.Driven pump, accumulator In this kind of drive system with one or a set of accumulator.When the pump supply by high pressure working fluid have allowance, storage by accumulator;And when the supply is insufficient in need, they added by accumulator supplies.Using this system can work in high pressure liquid, on average, choose the capacity of the pump and motor, but because of the working liquid pressure is constant, electricity consumption is larger, and the system link, structure is more complex.This kind of drive system for large hydraulic machine, or several machines hydraulic press is driven by a set of drive system.

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