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Hydraulic Winch Tight Chain Device

Jul 19, 2017

The hydraulic winch tight chain device is mounted directly above the nose coupling housing, due to this space limit, it is required that the volume of the motor tight chain device be as small as possible. In the case of a tight chain, the output gear is mounted on one shaft of the gear unit and properly engaged with the idler assembly. The idler assembly is mounted in the rotary frame housing and is always engaged with the input gear assembly. The input gear assembly gear shaft input is connected to the motor output shaft via the coupling sleeve. The motor is connected to the motor mount through its flange. The rack mount is secured over the coupling housing. The slewing rack is hinged with the rack mount through the swivel pin. And is limited by the pin and the horizontal pin, adjust the screw to lock it on the rack mount.

Hydraulic Winch

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